When purchasing moissanite, many consumers, due to lack of professional knowledge or experience, let the merchant mislead their ideas and enter the routine of the merchant, so they will buy low-quality domestic moissanite with extremely low cost performance.

USA MOISSANITE COMPARE WITH Belgian magic star diamond

With the same 4C standard, why do the Moissanite diamonds purchased by some customers tend to appreciate more than yours? With the same weight, color, and clarity, why are some customers’ Moissanite diamonds more beautiful and bright than yours? Because they buy It is imported high quality Moissanite.


Moissanite cut introduction

Moissanite Cut - Its roundness, depth, width, and evenness of facets all determine the brilliance of a Moissanite. Many gemologists consider the cut of a moissanite to be the most important moissanite characteristic. Because even a Moissanite has perfect color (color) and clarity (clarity), but poor cutting will make a Moissanite lose its dazzling brilliance.

 diamond cut affects lights

Moissanite diamond purchase and budget balance strategy (cut)

Moissanite polish and symmetry are two of the more important aspects of the cutting process. The grade of polish describes the smoothness of the moissanite's surface, and the symmetry grade refers to the arrangement of the facets of the moissanite. Poor polishing quality directly affects the optical effect of Moissanite. On the uneven surface, the light is diffusely reflected, so that the surface of the moissanite cut surface is dull and colorless, and the light is cloudy or dim. The deviation of symmetry makes the incident light or the light existing in the moissanite itself not move according to the designed path. The symmetry grade descriptions of the polished and cut surfaces of Moissanite diamonds are clearly and detailedly listed in each Moissanite diamond grading report. For the polished, GIA and HRD symmetry grades of Moissanite diamonds, they are divided into EX (excellent), VG (very Good) G (good), China National Inspection is divided into: EX (excellent), VG (very good), G (good). Regardless of the type of consumer, avoid polished and symmetrical F or P grade moissanite diamonds. Moissanite facets with this level of symmetry can greatly misdirect the reflection and refraction of light, thereby affecting the brilliance of the Moissanite.

For collectors who are particularly fond of Moissanite cuts, they generally buy Moissanite diamonds with EX cuts, polishes, and symmetry, and H&A cuts are the best.

For the romantics who emphasize the cut of Moissanite diamonds and want to own a Moissanite diamond with incomparable brilliance and high value, it is best to buy Moissanite diamonds with EX cut, polished and symmetrical. Moissanite can shine brilliantly under the light.

For the idealists who are very fond of Moissanite cutting and hope to have a beautiful diamond with high value, they should choose 3EX cutting, polishing and symmetry Moissanite as the best.

For realists, if you want to have a good cut, and also have 3EX level of polish and symmetry, you can consider choosing Moissanite diamonds with slightly higher clarity and color and the most cost-effective: you can choose D color or Belgian magic star diamonds with D+, FL or IF clarity, 3EX cut, and official authorized dealers are more reliable and guaranteed.


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