How to distinguish the 4

price range from diamond to lab diamond moissasnite Zircon

fire color compare moissanite and diamond lab

Moissanite and diamonds

It is extremely difficult for ordinary people to distinguish, the price of Moissanite the lower the moissanite, the fire is more outstanding than the diamond, but the bigger the moissanite, the more serious the "false white", which makes people see it as a "fake diamond" at a glance.

Zircon and diamond

Zircon is very easy to detect, and the price is many times lower than that of diamond.The hardness of zircon is much lower than that of diamond, the girdle is dull, and the zircon is hazy and opaque 

Lab grown diamonds and diamonds

Diamonds and lab diamonds are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Non-professionals need to use instruments or go to the quality inspection center to distinguish them.


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