Moissanite Pendant Necklace 1.8ct Love Heart 925 Sterling Silver Diamond Replacement for Mom Wife Girls Bride Wedding Jewelry

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This moissanite heart necklace is made with three premium moissanite sizes in 1ct +0.5ct+0.3ct

Necklace length:18 in +2 inch extension link

A Moissanite diamond necklace is a perfect alternative to diamonds. Moissanite has the most brilliant light, pure and hard, enduring and unchanging, it's a perfect gift for both lover and family.

White moissanite is the most popular on the market. With unique forever love pendant necklace is made of S925 sterling silver with 18K Gold Plated, inlaid with three excellent cut D Color Moissanite and surrounded with small bling moissanite to make the whole necklace more brilliance. The clarity of Wowshow moissanite is VVS1 grade as same as diamond, it's a relatively high clarity grade.

moissanite cut scale and VVSI grade clarity

Wowshow moissanite cut with the world's top Cupid cut, which is also known as "8 Hearts and 8 Arrows" it means when looking down from the diamond, you'll see a pattern of 8 arrows, and when looking from the bottom, you'll see 8 hearts. The 8H8A precise cutting process makes it easy to see the most dazzling brilliance from any angle. Each moissanite necklace will come with a GRA Certificate of Authenticity, giving you and your loved ones the most shimmering witness.

Moissanite stone price is affordable for almost every customer who is seeking a high-quality diamond alternative. Shop this forever moissanite and won't be embarrassed, as you know moissanite stones are sustainable.

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