• How to care 14K gold earrings?

14K gold is stable under normal conditions and will not fade or deform, but like all precious metals, attention should be paid to maintenance and reasonable wearing to maintain the stability of its shape and luster.

First of all, try to avoid contact with some acid and alkaline chemicals. Stay away from corrosive chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning agents.

Secondly, pay attention to the reasonable collocation, reduce the daily wear, knock and other damage, prolong the color life of gold.

Third, wash 14K gold as follows: Use a soapy, lukewarm water solution and gently clean it with a soft brush, then gently dry it with a soft cloth.

Fourthly, the 14-karat gold jewelry you do not wear should be stored in a soft cloth bag or a sealed bag to protect them from being exposed to everyday substances.


  • Tips for picking earrings

1. How to Choose suitable pair of earrings according to your face shape?


A suitable pair of earrings can have a good effect on the face shape.

  • Round earrings are not suitable for people with large faces. It is best to wear larger earrings or drop-shaped earrings to reduce the broad sense of cheeks.
  • Type smaller person is the most on the camera, appropriate with medium size earrings, had better not exceed 2-3 cm from the earlobe;
  • The person of shape face foil long shape earring and pendant earring, shape up and down stretch visual effect, look more mature and beautiful;
  • Oval, flower-shaped, heart-shaped earrings are suitable for people with square faces, which can be a good way to tone down and embellish the face.
  • Heart-shaped, or pointy, faces can balance out a pointed chin with earrings that are wide at the bottom and narrow at the top. Drop shapes, triangles, or studs work well. In addition, if the earlobe is large, can choose delicate earrings; If your earlobes are small, choose slightly larger earrings to make them stand out.

2. Choose earrings according to your skin tone

Choose earrings that match your skin tone. Light colors are suitable for people with darker skin. Some dark colors can also be worn selectively, but they should be well matched with the clothing. People with light skin color should choose dark color to wear, light contrast each other, in order to produce a better effect; Anyone with a fair complexion will look good in any color. Red, light pink, olive, and so on look great.


3. How to choose earrings to match with clothing?

  • When wearing a skirt, you can choose tassel-shaped earrings, which are arranged by spikes, to echo the flowing and feminine taste of a dress.
  • Loose clothing or coat should be used without spike and buckle, multi-angle, irregular shape ear earrings, can reduce the burden;
  • Wearing formal attire to attend social occasions can choose bead earrings, such as spherical, beads, heart, etc., with a very short metal connection hanging on the ear, give a person a sense of ability;
  • If it is the luxuriant formal dress ceremony group, it is best to choose the gorgeous earrings with shining luster and echo;
  • If wearing ethnic clothing, it is best to choose ethnic style, earrings, usually used for small beads arranged and connected, colorful, retro, can be large or small, long and short match.