Jewelry Care

Jewelry Maintenance Tips

1. Avoid wearing jewelry for sports, doing housework, or other physical labor activities, it is best to take off the moissanite diamond jewelry, in case of damage by solid objects

2. Every moissanite diamond jewelry should be separate in storage. Avoid mixing with other jewelry, otherwise, the solid diamond will scratch other jewelry.

3. Avoid setting with cosmetics or perfume together. The luster of diamonds will be weakened due to chemical composition and the surface of diamond jewelry is easily stained with oily composition. It’s better to wipe it with a soft cloth after touching the diamond.

4. Do not wear moissanite diamond jewelry to swimming and avoid contact with seawater, body lotions, oils, and liquids.

Guarantee Service

We provide a 30-day free return and exchange service in the following cases:
1. If the customer is not satisfied, please ensure that the diamond certificate and jewelry are returned together.
2. If due to quality problems or accidental damage, the necklace is broken, you can contact us for a free replacement.
3. The appearance change of scratches caused by wearing.

Do not provide the service about return and replace:
1. Personally modify jewelry after purchase.
2. Accessories lost or damaged caused by wearing for more than 2-years.

Our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials

How to verify the unique GRA Code?

1. Scan the QR code with your cellphone, get into the official website or directly open the website:
2. Enter the GRA ID Code in the input box.
3. Click on [certificate of the query],and all the details of this unique moissanite will come up.