Moissanite has successfully become the first choice for cobalt substitutes with its low price and sparkling fire. As a jewelry brand that has been engaged in Moissanite diamonds for six years, I think many of you have certain misunderstandings about Moissanite diamonds when you buy them. Let’s talk about this topic today.

First, Moissanite can replace real diamonds, but it is impossible to expect them to be exactly the same.

I believe that many people have known about Moissanite. The indicators of Moissanite are very similar to those of diamonds. For example, its refractive index is 2.56-2.69, diamond is 2.4, dispersion is 0.104, birefringence is 0.043, diamond hardness is 10, and Moissanite’s hardness is 10. The hardness is 9.25, and the evaluation of the quality of moissanite also needs to look at 4C.

But Moissanite and diamond are two different substances after all, Moissanite is silicon carbide, diamond is pure carbon, which means that the two cannot be exactly the same.

If you want hundreds of Moissanite diamonds to achieve the same effect as tens of thousands of real diamonds, you may be disappointed. For Moissanite, it is not easy to distinguish with the naked eye in daily wear, it cannot be seen from social distance, and it is durable, which is enough.

Moissanite has advantages and disadvantages, we must have an open and inclusive attitude to look at it.


Second, Moissanite should never be greedy for cheap

For a high-quality Moissanite, it will not necessarily be accompanied by a cheap price.

This is actually a lack of a basic understanding of Moissanite. Diamonds are also classified into grades, and Moissanite diamonds are also the same. Now the Moissanite market is very chaotic, with various qualities.

High-quality Moissanite diamonds must not look blue, gray, or yellow. The crystals look clear and white to the naked eye, and the cut is perfect and the arrows are even and symmetrical. In order to control costs, many merchants choose cheap ones that are not very good

Moissanite, or even zircon, you think you are taking advantage, but in fact, you are the one who suffers.


Third, don't look at marketing for Moissanite, but look at quality

The marketing methods of Moissanite are dazzling, such as packaging it as a tall magic star diamond, which comes from the United States and is called Belgian. In fact, no matter the packaging, it is Moissanite or silicon carbide. This is just a gimmick created to sell a high price, when you accept the brainwashing of the merchant. Our wowshow has been doing Moissanite for six years, and we have been popularizing Moissanite for six years. We have always wanted to simplify the complicated Moissanite and abandon the endless routines, so that everyone can feel the technology brought by high-quality Moissanite.




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