We may be in the middle of a summer heat wave, but it's already time to start making plans to return to school. Parents and teenagers are preparing the shopping list for the back-to-school days. It seems Most school districts in Southern California start classes up again in mid-to-late August. Look what we are suggest for the preparing jobs- outfit, accessories and gifts for friends.

Here are some ideas for back-to-school outfits and earrings:

1. Vintage-inspired outfits: Consider wearing a vintage-inspired t-shirt, pencil skirt, and timeless jewelry like a watch or necklace. Earings can include classic earrings like a pendent or pair of wire-end earrings.
2. Bright and bold outfits: opt for bright and bold outfits like a jumpsuit, graphic t-shirt, and pair of earrings with a bold design. Earings can include statement earrings like a jumpsuit earring or a pair of bright and colorful earrings.
3. Neutral and comfortable outfits: Neutral and comfortable outfits like a suit or jacket, dress shirt, and pair of earrings with a simple design. Earings can include timeless earrings like a watch or necklace, or a pair of simple earrings with a simple design.
4. Costume-inspired outfits: Consider wearing a costume-inspired outfit like a dress, suit, and pair of earrings with a specific theme or character. Earings can include earrings with a specific design or theme, such as a costume earring or earrings with a character like a pirate or superhero.
5. statement jewelry: opt for statement jewelry like a watch, necklace, or bracelet and pair with a simple outfit. Statement Earings can include a pair of earrings with a unique design or a statement piece like a pair of wire-end earrings.

We also have some back-to-school gifts recommend for your classmate and bestie:

 earrings, friendship bracelet for back-to-shools days

  1. Earring set: A set of earrings with different designs or colors can make a stylish and personalized gift. You can choose earrings that are easy to pair with their clothing, such as simple holes or a pair that can be attached with a piercing.Remember you can buy some similar styles earrings, friendship bracelet kit and cool hoop earings, rings or some similar accessories, so that you can wear this with your friends at the same time, go to the same spots and takes some cools pictures.
  2. Gift basket: A gift basket filled with your classmates’ favorite snacks, drinks, or desserts can be a thoughtful and appreciated gift. You can include items that are relevant to back-to-school, such as snacks for school events or snacks that are easy to prepare at home.
  3. Personalized phone case: A personalized phone case can be a unique and thoughtful gift. You can choose a design or color that is relevant to your classmates and add their name or initials to make it even more special.
  4. Back-to-school supplies: If your classmates need some extra help with their studies or assignments, a gift basket filled with back-to-school supplies can be a practical and appreciated gift. You can include items such as grammar books, essay prompts, or math problems.
  5. Clothing: A gift of clothing can be a thoughtful and practical choice. You can choose items such as a school uniform or a pair of stylish shoes that are suitable for the school environment. Overall, the key is to choose a gift that is relevant to your classmates and that they will enjoy wearing or using.
  6. Plants and vase
  7. Art exhibitions, competitions, concert or music festival tickets, star autographs, etc

We love finding gifts that are unusual, thoughtful, and well vetted. People at the begin wish all new from head to toe, especially for the teenagers and young adults you can consider our suggestions above.


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