In recent years, Moissanite can be said to be very popular with women, and high-quality Moissanite is imported from Belgium. Because the Moissanite market is chaotic, there are many fake imported Moissanite on the market, so how do we identify whether it is genuine Moissanite? What about Moissanite?

Maybe everyone knows that imported Moissanite diamonds are accompanied by a GIA certificate, but many people do not know what is in the GIA certificate, let alone how to identify the true and false.

This article will explain to you the content of the moissanite GIA certificate and how to identify the authenticity of the GIA certificate.


  1. GIA certificate cover

To know the GIA certificate, you must first know the cover. The cover of the Moissanite GIA certificate has a pattern of colored gemstones. That is to say, the current GIA identification cover for Moissanite is done in the format of colored gemstones.

  1. GIA certificate number

The moissanite GIA certificate has a certificate number on the letterhead, and relevant information can be queried directly on the GIA official website ( through the certificate number.

  1. GIA certificate details and results

Opening the certificate has the details and results sections below the certificate header:



1). Shape - round

2). Cut style - brilliant cut

3). Transparency - transparency

4). Color - close to colorless



Type - Moissanite synthesized in laboratory.


  1. Description of GIA certificate

Open the middle part of the certificate with a series of descriptions of the items:

1). Item description: a bare stone

2). Weight: 1.77 carats

3). Size: minimum diameter 8.07mm—maximum diameter 8.17mm*depth 4.86mm

Remarks: This is a man-made material synthesized in a laboratory. The sample stone (waist) is imprinted.

  1. Attached picture of GIA certificate

A photo of the sample stone (moissanite photo) is attached at the end of the GIA report.


  1. GIA certificate QR code

In addition to the above identification, there is another way to directly enter the query result page of the GIA official website by scanning the QR code in the lower right corner of the GIA certificate, and you can directly check the authenticity by scanning the QR code.


Through the above six points, you can easily see the true and false Moissanite, and you will be able to identify the true and false Moissanite!


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