The origin of Moissanite

Moissanite is also known as (Moissanite stone or moissanite diamond), natural Moissanite can be traced back to the late 19 century, the word Moissanite comes from Dr. Henri Moissan, who discovered this mineral in 1904 in the Arizona Meteor Crater.  Natural moissanite is very rare and only exists in craters.

Moissanite came to the earth from the mysterious universe with meteorites. Humans also found that there is no essential difference between Moissanite and diamonds. Regardless of color or clarity, Moissanite is higher than diamonds, and the almighty human also discovered Moissanite. The fire of the stone is 2.5 times that of the diamond. Hard work pays off, Moissanite, which is close to diamonds, has been successfully cultivated, and the dazzling Moissanite has greatly satisfied people's demand for diamonds at a price close to ordinary people.

Is moissanite as good as a diamond?

moissanite vs diamond

Moissanite can replace diamonds. The biggest difference between Moissanite and diamonds is that Moissanite can be reliably produced in the laboratory, and the price of this perfect gemstone is only one-tenth of the price of diamonds. This man-made gem is too expensive to be worth buying. The price of a Moissanite diamond ring also needs to be added to the cost of the inlay material. For example, the cost of 18K gold may be higher than that of Moissanite. 

Moissanite and diamonds are similar in nature, but one is a synthetic jewelry and the other is a natural high-value gemstone, and there are still fundamental differences between the two. Moissanite is lighter than diamond, that is, they have different specific gravity, the specific gravity of diamond is 3.52, while the specific gravity of moissanite is only 3.22. Therefore, if you use a 925 silver ring setting, the moissanite will look light and not textured enough. It is recommended to use an 18K platinum ring setting.

Although moissanite is synthetic, its production is not an easy task. It takes 6 to 5 months to produce each moissanite, and only one can be obtained after a series of very strict inspections. Moissanite of fine texture. This kind of synthetic moissanite is very popular in Europe and America, and more and more western buyers pay more attention to practicality.

moissanite diamond cubic zirconic compare 

quartz sapphire cubic zirconia diamond moissanite compare


What does a diamond's brilliance depend on?

- brightness, firecolor, sparkle

  1. Brightness (the sum of the light reflected by the diamond)


The light irradiated on the surface of the diamond is reflected and refracted at the same time, and is decomposed into two beams of light. Seen from the direction of the crown, the two beams of light return to the air to form surface light, and enter the interior to form internal light.

  1. Brilliance(scattered colorful colors)


The main difference between fire color and bright light is that bright light is the white light reflected by diamonds, while fire color is the colored light reflected by diamonds, which is a phenomenon closely related to the physical properties of diamonds with a large dispersion rate.

  1. Sparkle(distribution of light and dark areas and flash or flicker when moving the diamond)

Glitter is a diamond, or when the light source moves, or when the viewing angle changes, the facets of the diamond reflect the light source, resulting in alternating light and dark phenomena.


The sparkle effect of diamonds is most related to the size and number of facets.


Last, most of us want to know, Is it embarrassing to have a moissanite ring or bracelet?

It depends on what you are after. Extrinsic value or psychology? If as a decorative material, only considering the decoration, then Moissanite can completely replace or even surpass diamonds. You can also be environmentally friendly. If it is not purely used as a decoration material, but also considers the needs of social psychology, such as fame, then you may need a diamond. But since the day the word gemstone was invented, it was impossible to talk about its decorative properties only. Rare jewelry is the pursuit of many people. Finally, I would like to say one more thing. In many cases, what is set on the ring is not so important. People who rely on this kind of thing to seek comfort and even salvation,it is also a kind of social psychology in essence.


We sell artificial Moissanite diamonds. Diamonds with a score of more than 50 are laser-engraved with the GRA certification code, hardness, purity, and color on the waist of the diamond on average.


Wowshow Moissanite features "8H8A"

vvs1 grade moissanite

Hearts and Arrows is one of the diamond terms.

Also known as "Cupid" cut, professionals use "H&A" to represent it.

8 Hearts and Arrows moissanite

Therefore, whether we hear "Cupid cut diamonds" or

"H&A diamonds" actually refer to diamonds that meet the standards of Hearts and Arrows.

In the 1970s, in the process of selling ordinary round diamonds, a Japanese businessman accidentally discovered that some of the round diamonds with excellent cuts could show the optical effect of hearts and arrows under the cutting mirror. A large amount of data concludes that the cut of ordinary round diamonds must fall within a certain range in order to present a standard pattern of eight hearts and eight arrows. affected Europe and the United States.

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