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What does the level of fire in a diamond depend on? Do diamonds with more facets have more sparkle?

Color, size, purity and cut of a diamond, the degree of fire,are very important reference standard. For diamonds, many people love it because it shines more than other gemstones, and fire is the factor that determines the degree of diamond sparkle. There are many factors that affect the fire of a diamond. It is generally believed that the cut ratio and polishing degree of a diamond will directly determine the fire. Some people even think that the more facets a diamond has, the more sparkle the fire will be. Is this true?

There seem to be more and more faceted diamonds on the market now, and each diamond with more facets will have a slogan saying: have more sparkling fire. This creates an illusion for many people, as if the more facets a diamond has, the better its cut and the more brilliance its fire will be. So is it true that the more facets a diamond has, the better its fire? the answer is “No!”.

From some aspects, the more facets are indeed more conducive to the reflection of light, making the diamond look brighter, but for diamonds, facets are only a small aspect that affects the fire of the diamond, and have a greater impact on the fire. It should be the proportion of cut.

The fire of a diamond depends on the roundness, depth, width, etc. of the diamond cut. Angle and cut ratio are the factors that can have a huge impact on fire. If there is a problem with the cut angle or proportions, if the cut is too deep or too shallow, the diamond will become dull due to light leakage or other problems. Diamonds with 57 facets also have different fire effects due to differences in cut proportions.

Therefore, each cut is the result of precise calculations by cutters based on optical principles, and adding or reducing facets at will will lead to imbalanced proportions. These multi-faceted diamonds on the market emphasize their fire better because these diamonds have been re-cut and designed to use more facets to reflect light. This is the result of precise calculations and experiments, not Simply add facets.

At present, the most seen on the market should be the traditional round brilliant cut, that is, diamonds with 57-58 facets. The reason why this cut has become the most classic cut internationally recognized is because everyone thinks that this cut can best reflect the fire of the diamond. And compared to special-shaped diamonds, the same carat number, the round diamond looks the largest.

In addition, most of the special-shaped diamonds are cut to minimize the loss of rough diamonds and maintain the carat weight of the diamonds, but at the expense of the quality of the diamond cut. Although the facets of the special-shaped diamonds cut in this way increase a lot, However, the brilliance of its diamonds cannot be compared with that of standard cut round diamonds.

Therefore, the degree of fire of a diamond is affected by many factors. Although the facets of a diamond have a significant impact on fire, it does not mean that the more facets, the better the fire. Proportions and angles, the fineness of grinding and polishing, etc., if the grades of these aspects are high and there are many facets, the fire of the diamond will still not reach the ideal level.

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