When it comes to “woven”, most the people will imagine a kinds of bag or shoes, accessory with " fabric, leather or plant-based materials", and woven craft. In reality, “woven” including but not limited a kind of material or craft, they are widely used in fashion jewelry.

woven style outlook top and bag

It is possible for woven style accessories to become a fashion trends in 2023, but it ultimately depends on the current fashion trends and the popularity of specific brands and designers. Woven styles have been a popular fashion choice for many years and can be found in a variety of styles and materials, so it is possible that a new woven accessory could emerge that is particularly popular or popular among certain demographics. It is also possible that the popularity of woven styles may decline in the future, as fashion trends do change over time.

We have noticed that some brands are producing woven bags and advertising new woven style earrings. This is not uncommon, as the fashion industry is constantly evolving and brands are looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and appeal to consumers. Woven styles have been a popular choice for many years and can be found in a variety of styles and materials, so it is likely that brands will continue to produce and advertise new woven accessories in the future.

Especially some of the big brands are designing many woven bags, as you can see on LTK, many influencers are post OOTD and matching with a brown big or small woven Tote bag, they seems really very different on travel or on beach!

Woven earrings can be a great choice for boho dresses. Boho clothing often features a relaxed, casual feel, and woven earrings can add a playful, playful element to a dress. They can also be a fun addition to a more formal boho outfit. However, it’s important to consider the style and fit of the earrings to ensure they complement the dress you’re wearing. Some options to consider include using earrings with a simple design or using earrings with intricate details that will add some visual interest to the outfit. Ultimately, the key is to find earrings that you love and that work well with the style and fabric of the dress you’re wearing.

 woven earrings boho


Do you know what kind of woven materials are used on earrings?

There are a variety of materials that can be used to make earrings, including metals, gemstones, and non- metal materials. Metal earrings, such as gold, silver, and stainless steel, are often used because they are durable and have a beautiful appearance. gemstone earrings, such as diamonds and cubic zirconia, are also popular because they are affordable and can be made to last a long time. Non- metal earrings, such as wood, plastic, and glass, are also used because they are lightweight and can be made to look and feel like metal. The choice of earring material will depend on the personal preference of the buyer and the intended use of the earring.

 boho dangle earrings with woven

Some earrings using gold plated or silver, with weave or twist craft to create a woven style earrings, they look cute, small and little dainty, not too flashy. The best designer can combine different materials, craft and design elements on one set of earrings. Some people can merge the plant weaving idea to gold, metal materials, with some colorful decorations, woven earrings. No longer limited to woven pendants, tassel woven earrings but more woven hoop earrings, geometric, animal, asymmetrical patterns, etc.

See the below woven earrings ideas.

many woven styles earring for choose

You can also consider a kind of hoop earrings with the “twist idea” 

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Twisted Hoop Earrings


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